Freida Pinto on Vogue Magazine Photos

Freida Pinto on Vogue cover page Freida Pinto on Vogue Magazine Photos

Freida Pinto has done a recent photo shoot for renowned magazine Vogue. This is for its Black Magic issue. The actress Freida Pinto looks hot by flaunting her toned body, and thus more than her acting it’s her style sense that is spoken of. She has graced the anniversary issue of the Vogue magazine’s October month.

Freida Pinto has done this photo shoot for Vogue magazine second time, where she is shot by Bharat Sikka and styled by Anaita Shroff Adajania. The dark-themed shoot is an recognition to the colour black. As the fall is here, black turns out to be the colour of choice, and the dusky actress is made to wear dark dresses for the shoot. The Vogue photo-shoot is also special as Freida Pinto flashes her newly-acquired yoga curves. Freida’s toned limbs and washboard abs is an outcome of her sessions with California-based Jennifer Perry, who Pinto also mentions her as a soul-mate.

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