Sara Loren whose real name is Mona Lizza is Bhatt camp’s new face.  Sara Loren was born 11th December 1985 and is a Pakistani actress. Sara Loren  made her debut in the movie Kajraare and stepped into the Bollywood industry. Sara Loren plans to continue to work in Bollywood and will be seen in a lead role in Murder 3.

Sara Loren, a sizzling beauty from Pakistan and is a topnotch model and actress across the border.

Sara Loren turned out to be none other than the popular Pakistani actress Mona Lizza who made her Indian debut two years ago in Pooja Bhatt’s Kajra Re and then disappeared unceremoniously. The ambitious Sara  has now altered her name and forwarding address. She is been re-christened Sara Loren.

The Bhatts are confident Mona Lizza, now named Sara Loren, would make the same impact as Mallika and Jacqueline.” Even Mallika Sherawat in Murder and Jacqueline Fernandez in Murder 2 had a couple of fizzles to their disgrace before they were re-launched in the Murder series.

We believe Sara has the potential to take over from where Mallika and Jacqueline left off in Murder and Murder 2,” says Mukesh Bhatt.
Mukesh thinks Randeep and Sara Loren would burn up the screen when the film releases. ““Their chemistry has to be seen to be believed.



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